Teeth in a Day with Implants

'Teeth in a Day' refers to the replacement of all a person's teeth with a few strategically placed implants and teeth, in literally ONE DAY.  This is the same treatment often heard on local radio commercials: where a person needs all their teeth replaced, but does not want dentures. 

Hybrid Device

Dr Donohue teams up with a surgeon who will oversee the sedation and implant placement, while she and her lab create an entire arch (or entire mouth) of teeth.  It gives a person back their dignity and confidence from a long period of dental neglect or ongoing dental problems.  The process can be life changing! 

Obviously, some advance planning is required to perform this type of treatment, but the consultation visit would provide all the information needed for Dr Donohue and her lab technician for the day of treatment.  The ability to give someone teeth in a day, without months of lag time or healing, is an advanced treatment that has only been performed for the past decade or so.  Because implants are being placed on both the right and left side of the mouth at the same time, they can stabilize each other to allow tooth placement and immediate use. Once the implants are fully healed after a few months, Dr Donohue will return again to make the final set of teeth that are designed to last long term.